Customer Testimonials

Zack the nervous Border Collie

Zack is so much calmer, you truly have a magic and gifted touch, my son came in this morning, Zack jumped up, just once and my son responded as you advised and Zack just wondered away.  He was fantastic in the front garden yesterday whilst I was gardening, had a couple of unruly moments when he decided not to listen to me and ran from gate to gate, but all in all a lot calmer.  Thanks for the info I will show Norman, oh by the way, he was very impressed with your teaching.  Lily-Ann the youngest granddaughter kept saying in the garden when Zack barked at a bird or butterfly, ‘thank you Zack’ it was great.  I will keep you informed of our progress. Take care and it was a fab day on Saturday for me too.

Mabel the Deerhound x Wolfhound Puppy – Residential Training

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for 5 days training. I believe that I haven’t done ‘dog training’ at all but training on how to live along side my dogs and enjoy every minute with them, Mabel has been a star and I’m really looking forward to going home and starting our new life.

I’m so glad I chose you Natalie, you are a true asset to the doggy world. I did say that in my next life I’d like to come back as Mabel, I now think I’d rather come back as one of yours. I hope you achieve your wants, desires and all your dreams come true. Be Happy, Paula & Mabel xxx

Jack the Doberman 9 months – Used to be bossy with owners

We decided to invite Natalie to meet Jack, our Doberman when he was 9 months old and we wish that we had called her in before! Jack was having a few communication problems with us, his owners and with Natalie’s wisdom and knowledge we now understand him!

Prior to Natalie visiting we had had a difficult time with Jack much of which was not really to do with him ! When we brought him home in a cardboard box in November 2010, a tiny bundle from a big litter and shall I say odd surroundings we were well aware that he was going to need a lot of careful handling . We were also well aware that he was going to grow!!
Our own circumstances changed a bit with things out of our control otherwise we would have delayed having a puppy. Pete had to go away to work 4days a week for 14weeks and  I needed to have 2cateract operations unexpectedly both pretty disruptive to our routine and Jack’s training.
We did take some advice from outside but to be honest we would say to anyone thinking of taking advice on caring and training their dog whatever the breed Natalie is the person to choose! Jack has changed hugely in his behaviour -responding to us, he now looks to us for guidance and the use of non-confrontational consequence of actions  makes our lives so much better.
The 1st visit was quite intense, Jack was not sure about Natalie at first but as the session progressed he relaxed and responded well. We covered a lot of issues from meeting and greeting, nipping at our arms, learning not to jump up.  Generally we learnt to understand Jack. 
On Natalie’s 2nd visit he was really pleased to see her and it was great to learn some new games, we addressed nervousness and spent positive time with her. It was such a delight to hear how well he and we were doing and that with  our determination and Natalie’s support to give us confidence  Jack is becoming the lovely, faithful and well behaved Dobie we knew he could be! There were times when we both independently thought we would have to re home him . After what has been a difficult journey we are proud to be Jack’s owners and glad to have Natalie in the background if we need her advice.
The follow up and after care is second to none and having the email contact helps and reassures us a lot. Money well worth spent and we would not hesitate to invite her to our home again if we felt the need. As a person Natalie is kind, loving and compassionate towards both people and their dogs, she has a bright and humorous personality . Clearly She has a real understanding and love for dogs and the ability to train their owners to care for their canine family.
Our heartfelt thanks goes to Natalie ,may she continue to be successful in what she so brilliantly does – Chaos to calm in 2 visits!

Stevie the Staffordshire Bull terrier like to nip his owner

I would recommend Natalie’s services to anyone  who has behavioural problems with their dog.  She is  so enthusiastic and positive about every situation it  is really uplifting and helps you to realise that things  can change.  I had problems with a troublesome  teenager (Stevie the Staffie 16months old) who was  pushing the boundaries.  He had separation anxiety  and would jump up and wee all over the floor when I got home from work – even when he hadn’t been left alone. He was also getting very excited when we were out for walks by jumping up at me and attacking my hands and arms and bullying me into giving him treats.  With a few simple rules taught by Natalie, Stevie has stopped the jumping and biting when we are out, and although he still gets very excited when I come home the indoor wees have ceased. I think in time the jumping up will reduce too, the thing to keep in mind is that it can’t all happen overnight!

It can be very upsetting and stressful to have a dog that you love and care for but one that ignores you and is destructive, but Natalie proved that with a few simple moves your problems can be resolved.  It takes time, patience and a lot of calmness and positive thinking!  Once the initial sessions are over Natalie is still on hand over email and telephone to give you guidance and encouragement.  She even arranged that Stevie and I could go and meet her dogs for the afternoon to see how Stevie behaved in close contact with other dogs.  Stevie and Cody had a lovely time running around together and it was great to have a bit of a refresher course on things that I was forgetting to do!

I’ve used all the tools, tips and advice that Natalie has provided and adapted them to mine and Stevie’s life and we are really bonding well together.  I don’t think we will ever be showing at Crufts for our obedience skills but we are leaps and bounds ahead of where we were two months ago thanks to Natalie!

Ruby a Staffie & Rummage the husky on a socialisation walk

Natalie came to our home a couple of months ago to help us with our 5 year old staffie Ruby who was very nervous around other dogs and also bossy around the house ie: barking for attention jumping all over the furniture, Natalie showed us a few simple calming techniques to defuse the situation a…nd since her visit and using her techniques our house is much calmer and Ruby seems a lot and happier.
On our weekly walkouts Ruby has gained confidence with other dogs and is continuing to show progress on all her walks, she has grown particularly fond of Natalies huskies; Rummage and Marmalade it’s great to see her walking next to them with a waggy tail !
I would definitely recommend Natalies realistic and calm approach to dog training. And I look forward to many more fun and muddy walks in the forest with Ruby, Rummage and Marmalde.
Rachel E.

Molly – Westie, food aggression & no recall

I can’t thank Natalie enough for teaching me how to interact with Molly in a way that Molly understands.  Molly’s food aggression has disappeared, and she is generally so much calmer, and much nicer to be around. Amanda


Cavalier King Charles Spaniels – excessive barking

We have 3 dogs, our 2 boys Wiggy & Olly are 5yrs old & little Jazzie is 19 months old our problem was mainly with Olly.  Indoors he would always be on the periphery of “our pack”, Wiggy & Jazzie would come & sit with us Olly seldom would I put this down to him be a loner!  On getting their collars/leads out ready for a walk he would bark & become very excited  – on walking he would constantly pull.  Over the recent few months had become increasingly worse pulling himself to near exhaustion , his eyes would also be bloodshot & when off the lead he wouldn’t come back when called.   Due to his behaviour it also incited our other two to “misbehave” although not to the same extent, going out for walks was no longer a pleasant experience!  It had got to the point where we was seriously thinking of re homing Olly as we could no longer cope with the situation – this may sound all so familiar to you.

Chrissie working with Olly, Jazzie & Wiggy

Chrissie working with Olly, Jazzie & Wiggy the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

I saw by chance Natalie’s “chaos2calm” poster in a pet shop rang her left a message & she very promptly called back.  Natalie’s enthusiasm & obvious love of dogs was very evident & a meeting was arranged – I had also contacted another trainer & was not comfortable or happy with what I heard about their training method!

31st July 2010 – we had our training session I say in all honesty this was one of the best days & money we’ve spent.  Natalie was so patient with us humans & explained the dynamics of the pack – you may not be surprised to read we were at the bottom of the pack!  Olly felt the huge responsibility to look after us as well as Wiggy & Jazzie.  We were the cause of his behaviour as we didn’t behave as pack leaders, Natalie explained what we should do & since that day we have followed her action plan & always will.

How is Olly – he is a totally different dog, calm/relaxed & we now are at the stage where he will walk by our side on the lead & will come back when he’s called, Wiggy & Jazzie are also responding to the change in the pack dynamics.  The INTO way is incredible I would honestly recommend Natalie to anyone who will listen!  Not only that Natalie was such a pleasure to meet she has a great sense of humour & had a lot of patience with us.  Since meeting Natalie we’ve e mailed her a couple of times to ask for advice – have always had a prompt reply.  We will in the near future ask Natalie to come for another session to see if there is more training we can do & to learn more – we’re also having great fun with the dogs teaching them tricks & that was something we were never able to do!  So please don’t despair if you have a “naughty” dog/s help is at hand give Natalie a ring & see for yourself. Peace & Love Chrissie & Chris

5 very different dogs & behaviours



We have 5 dogs 2 Weimeraners, Huskamute, 2 Jack Russell crosses and Natalie has made our house peaceful again, never thought we would ever be able to get there but we have, thank you very very very much! Maria and Leah


We went with Jonas to the three stages of “The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme”, to find out that this is not worth it. We still had the the same problems with him than before. We knew before that a Hovawart is a quite dominant breed… So I get a “tiny bit” panicked that we won’t get him under control. After an online search we… found the page from Natalie and here we are now. We still have our battles with him, but we know now much better what we have to bear in mind how to handle our “monster”
I would recommend her to everyone who needs help with his dog.

Alfie – Rescue Lurcher

When I adopted my dog from a rescue centre I realised I needed help in understanding him better so googled ‘dog trainers’ and sent many email enquiries. I was shocked by how many of them recommended various contraptions and devices to force him to comply with commands. I decided to find out more about natural methods and thankfully found Natalie!

Alfie – Rescue Lurcher

From the first email I was struck by how interested Natalie was in MY dog and her enthusiasm for the method she teaches. The consultation was enlightening; understanding why my dog is behaves as he does has made the whole process such fun. Natalie has taught me how to help him think for himself without force or coercion which has made our relationship nothing but positive. I have also removed stresses from his life that I was unwittingly putting on him before we met Natalie, which has clearly made him so much happier.
Sometimes you don’t realise the progress you are making as you see your dog every day but people frequently comment that they cannot believe he’s only been in the family for 3 months when we have such a strong bond. I completely put his down to the methods Natalie has introduced me to and cannot thank her enough for the continued support she has shown us. I trust Natalie implicitly and would recommend her to everyone!

Thank you Natalie! Anna xx

I met Natalie a few years ago, before she became a dog listener. I was petrified of dogs and she had 6 of them!! Well, she introduced me to her pack one at a time (she had so much patience with me) and gradually I got over my fear, enough so that I now have 3 dogs myself, she told me about her dream of becoming a dog listener, oh the …books that she had on the book shelf were amazing, I knew right then and there that she would do it and be a damn good one at that, the time she gave me and the patience that she had then would serve her well. Needless to say she followed her dream and became a dog listener, she helped me with my first dog and armed me with the advice I needed to carry on and incorporate it with my other two. I would definitely recommend Natalie to everyone who has a dog with “issues”. Thank you Natalie for all you have done for me and many others and for you friendship.
Jo. Xxx

3 Male Siberian Huskies, fighting, aggression, pulling on the lead.

Although we didn’t book in for a full consultation due to finances Natalie still carried on even after the time we booked for was up and never charged extra. She talked us through and showed us techniques/methods to use on our boys to help us gain the respect and leadership and take the stress off them so they can become happy relaxed dogs and not stressed out dogs that feel they have to do everything and take all of our worries!

3 Male Siberian Huskies, fighting, aggression, pulling on the lead.

Since Natalie has been to us, we have had a few bad days but the good days we have had outnumber the bad ones to nothing! We have made great progress with our boys and they really are starting to settle down a lot now and realise that they don’t need to worry anymore, that our job/responsibility now.

I will highly recommend Natalie to anyone I know. Thank you Natalie.  Amy xxx