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Today it’s pip’s first training!
Pip is a male lovely five years old collie.
He is great with people and children, he does not like some dogs, especially huskies and sometimes tries to attack them. This makes walks a stressful moment. Besides, Pip is such a toys addict! There is no free time with him…
To resolve this problem, Natalie has plenty of exercises, advice, and lessons to give!
First of all, Pip had to calm down and stop asking for games. The best way? Ignore him! It took 1h30 minutes to make him sleep. Next we did a little exercise to teach him self-control, to follow his owner, showing him his escape routes. We have to give him food to motivate him and as a positive reinforcement 😉

Pip did well today, even if he still prefers to play instead of learning, he was so quiet when Natalie left him. This is a good start. She will come back soon!

Written by Philippine, french Intern