Border CollieBorder Collie

Moss is 2 year old rescue Collie. He was found as a stray in Wales living with other Collies for the first 6 months of his life. Then he was picked up by a rescue and put in kennels for 6 months with the other Collies in Wales until he was brought over to England by a rescue and put into kennels again with the other Collies for 6 months until they found him his current home. He has been living in his new home since January and his owners have done some really, really great work with him. 

He’s a very laid back, unfazed

dog. He’s quite hard to motivate sometimes and round the house he’s very good, he likes to play games and isn’t toy obsessed.

However unfortunately out on walks his lead work hasn’t always been spot on although he’s been great around the house and back garden. He has a tendency to go into hunt mode to chase rabbits and deer and be so focused as he as a high prey drive, that’s from living stray and being independent.

We had a lovely session and worked in areas that are important to Moss and instead of looking at the walk like a human we structured it like the hunt, giving him stuff to do that’s important to a dog, help manage his adrenalin, help build up on his owner awareness, get him working with his owner of his own free will rather than battling through the lead or miscommunication.

We had a lovely Educational Guided Walk as you can see from the photos and we could see where there were certain sticking points where he stopped listening to his owner, so we would stop and work on building a connection again. We established the working tools and started to work on their working relationship so they can become a team and teaching his owner how to use her environment to build a relationship to become interesting to her dog, to help her dog cope, using an enriched environment, mental stimulation and using natural agility.

I’m really looking forward to our next session.