One hour’s drive from Natalie’s home, we met Xabi and Coco, two adorable beagles who were two years old and brother and sister. They did not bark when we came in, they did not desperately ask us to play with them…So what could possibly be their problem? Even if Xabi is well behaved at home, he sometimes jumps at strangers and when let off the lead his recall is bad. As for Coco, she barks at other dogs when on the lead and at anyone passing the window, gets on the table at home and this mischievous beagle already stole some picnics!

In addition, they both pull on the lead when out walking and eat prohibited food (like poo…). This last problem is maybe caused by their factory produced food. They try to eat poo to replace something which is missing on their food at home. So a more natural and complete food might be a solution. To make them easy-going dogs different things could be done. If they jump, ignoring them or turning our back make them stop, because they are looking for attention. Next if they bark too much, we must immediately make them calm down, take their mind off what

they are afraid of and finally thank them to be such good silent dogs! Besides, pulling when on lead is a recurrent problem which demands a recurrent solution: same game as usual and they will follow their owner! Xabi and Coco did so well that they could not do anything but sleep at the end of this three hour’s training. So exhausting to be a studious pupil! Written by Philippine, French intern