521299_10151514966153988_1538618303_nThis is Freddie the Italian Spinone who’s 7 and Sparkle a Rescue Pug X Terrier approx 11 months.


I had a super day yesterday working with these two and their owners. Recent event meant there has been a massive shift in the pack dynamics. They sadly lost their Great Dane in January and Freddie took it quite hard and then Sparkle arrived 5 weeks ago, she was un-socialised and nervous with other dogs on a walk, this has consequently made Freddie join her in barking and reacting to other dogs on a walk and unfortunately escalated on a occasion.


 With the right tools and communication and great understanding of how their dogs are coping, their owners can take the job description of protecting the pack away from the dogs as they are much better equipped to deal with this responsibility as they all live in a man made world.