Last week I did an Educational and Guided walk with Freddie the Italian Spinone and Sparkle the rescue X.

I had a lovely session with them and their dog sitter, who before was completely de-moralised with locking horns, particularly with Sparkle and they just didn’t get on.

It was smashing to see that within the space of a few weeks the handlers work has really paid off to the point where she was actually enjoying her job of looking after these dogs and had completely bonded.

I have never seen 2 such happy dogs. The massive difference in them since my first meeting with them only a couple of months ago with their owner to now. Happy, connected, enjoying life, present, free from worry and inquisitive. It was a complete joy, as you can see in the photographs.2013-05-22_14-19-36_2542013-05-22_14-07-51_47