Many dogs have sadly had bad experiences when it comes to meeting other dogs and it sometimes can only take one bad encounter to trigger allsorts of problems for both the dog and owner. Often in these situations a vicious cycle can develop where by the dogs reaction fuels the owner’s nervous reaction and vice versa.

I provide 1-2-1 Socialisation Sessions with my own dogs in a safe learning environment, so that the owner can practice handling and observational skills, whilst their dog gets a safe and positive experience with another dog.

My priority when doing socialisation classes is to ensure that I DO NOT set either Dog or Owner up to fail or put them into a situation they can not cope with. I have no strict agenda and I allow the visiting dog to depict training and I never over stress or over work them, at all times I make sure everyone is comfortable and they are coping, even the owners.  Some dogs may take baby steps and other giant leaps, every dog is different.

A session like this can be booked ad hoc and charged at an hourly rate or you can use this as part of an initial package re-visit. (Must have initial consultation first)

Micro-chipping available minimum donation £15 per dog, all proceeds go to The Labrador Rescue Trust