Nervous Golden Retriever Puppy

Bracken’s training Today we saw the young but big Bracken, a seven month old Golden Retriever! Poor Bracken is afraid of cars, of screaming and running children, plus strange people. Moreover Bracken always needs to be reassured and pampered; this makes him even shyer. So it is not that easy to go somewhere or to walk with him, especially in town. To resolve the car problem, his family has to transform the car in a playground! Toys, friends, food… can be used. Vibrations could also be stronger in the back of the car; this is why we can put him in the middle of the car. This could help him to feel at ease in this weird noisy box and makes life easier for his owner.

After that, the same game as yesterday (with Pip, remember?) is good: teaching him to follow his owner and showing him his escape routes. Using an enriched environment can help him cope better and to bring down stress levels. This way he will be able to adjust and to feel more confident in places he is afraid of. Fortunately a sweet Sussex spaniel called Nutmeg was here acting just like his mother to show him how to find and catch food for the game, without any fear… Bracken is still young; he will certainly progress and become the bravest Golden Retriever! Written by Philippine, French intern