What I teach is a bit like ‘Super Nanny’ for dogs, parenting skills in the language of canine. Dogs are not unlike children in that they need to know where they stand and fit into the family. They also need to know the rules and boundaries so they can flourish. I will also help you gain a greater understanding of the canine language and how dogs communicate with us humans.


First we show the dog that they can trust and respect us. The way we show this is by making good decisions in the areas that are important to a dog. Trust can take some time to establish depending on the dogs personality and character. Like Super Nanny rather than use old fashioned discipline, shouting, fear, force, gadgets, training aids, we use a very calm consequence of action, which shows the dog what behaviour we find unacceptable; it’s a bit like naughty step used for children. We use positive reinforcement and constructive interactive play to deepen your bond and encourage good behaviours.


Many behaviour issues are a manifestation of stress. Often we do not realise how much stress we create or what causes our dogs to feel stressed. Removing the stress gives the dog a chance to calm down and start listening and learning. Rather than use physical dominance we work at leading by inspiration and being a calm, reassuring presence. With this our dogs then choose to want to work with us and learn to make their own choices of how to behave in exerting self control. It is the foundation of building a relationship based on trust, once that is in place you can do anything you want!


The consultations will include all your dogs if you have others living with you and any number of family members. The knowledge I teach is for life and for all the dogs you will ever share your life with. It is an investment to an ongoing relationship with your dogs.