Natalie Finch

Having never owned dogs prior to my first husky Rummage coming into my life in 2001, I have to be honest and say I learnt the hard way, within a couple of years my pack had grown to 6 and my partner at the time was the experienced dog owner, having previously owned German Shepherds. However his confrontational and punishment style of training made me very uncomfortable and although it worked I could see the dogs were doing it was out of fear. This did not make any sense to me and not having owned dogs before, what did I know, so I loved them as much as I can… I have to confess both of us were wrong and between us created a whole host of problems.

In 2005 newly single, I decided that there was no way I was going to part with any of my dogs that I had made a lifetime commitment to them and from that moment onwards my job was to give them the best life I could and that meant understanding them so I could do my job as dog guardian to the best of my abilities. More over anything I wanted them to be happy, safe, understood and stress free. This decision ignited my passion for understanding and helping other people understand their dogs.
I am completely committed to providing the best care for my dogs and over the years I have done a lot of research into diet and nutrition. I have been providing them with natural feeding since 2004 years now; this diet represents what they would eat if they were wild and what most domestic canines were eating before the introduction of commercial pet foods in the 1930’s. Since changing their diet, I have seen huge benefits in their health, appearance and appetite. For more info.

Through my research into all things natural and canine, I found there were alternatives to traditional dog training and to obedience training which my dogs didn’t particularly respond well to. These alternatives made sense as it was looking at everything from a dog’s perspective: How does my dog think & feel? How does my dog express that? How can we invite our dogs to work with us of our own free will & choose self-control rather than have human will enforced on them by physical or verbal control?

In 2006 I started my journey with Foundation & Advanced Canine Communication, I travelled to Yellowstone Park in America to study wolves in their natural environment; this was an experience of a lifetime. To read more about my trip. It made me realise there was so much more to learn and so I branched out and continued to learn and build on my professional development by attending workshops/seminars/courses, reading books and new material, new research that comes out. This has been a life changing experience as we delved deeper & learn to understand canine instincts, how dogs communicate with each other, how their neurological processes that affect behaviour and learning which means we can help dogs cope better, learn effectively and overcome their fears.

Since qualifying in 2006 I have helped hundreds of owners and dogs, I have also fostered several dogs with severe problems including Mollie a Romanian Zoo Dog, for more info. I have also volunteered my services for DAWG (Dorset Animal Workers Group) Dog Rescue, and have worked with owners to assist and help rehabilitate their dogs. I have also recently joined The Labrador Rescue Trust as a volunteer and qualified to do micro-chipping, this service I am delighted to offer to all to raise money and awareness for The Labrador Rescue Trust.

I am committed to trying to make a difference, and assist and empower people in gaining knowledge to enable them to give their dogs a stress free quality of life and giving them a better understanding of man’s best friend, to stop symptomatic behaviour by treating the root cause.





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